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Right…. You’ve done the most important thing which was to find this page. This is where your going to find all the information and advice you need from the Cheshunt Swimming Club Coaches. Keep checking back as we update it all the time.

The Freestyle Flip Turn

Have a look at the video below that explains how to execute the Freestyle ‘Flip’ turn in easy to follow stages.


This technique is quite simply THE most important skill you need to learn in swimming. You should be making sure your streamlining all the time during training.

Competitions and Galas

So you have joined Cheshunt Swimming Club and your training really hard, now you have been asked to compete in a gala. Don’t panic…!!! We can explain all about the different types of competitions Here.

Nutritional Requirements for Swimmers

In the section Richard, one of Cheshunt Swimming Club’s coaches explains the importance of the nutritional requirements for swimmers. Read Richard’s guide Here.

BAGGATs Explained

Your guide to the BAGGATs system Here.

Goggle Dilemma

So you've waited 2 hours for your race. You dive in, and guess what? Your goggles come off! So what exactly are the rules? Can you adjust them? Coach Paul Wollaston takes a look Here.

Freestyle Catch-Up Drill

This video explains the importance of carrying out the Freestyle Catch-Up drill properly.

How to use a Pull Boy - Freestyle

In this video we show you how to use a Pull Boy for freestyle drills.

Backstoke Dolphin Kick

This video takes a look at the importance of the dolphin kick when swimming backstroke.

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