Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2016-06-16 12:44:55

Saturday 11th June saw our younger swimmers take part in the2nd round of the Peanuts League at Borehamwood Swimming Pool. A very competitive gala saw our swimmers exceed expectations and finish 2nd on the night, 3 points behind winners Ware.
The girls Captain, Millie Clark, brought home our opening 1st place of the night in the U/13 50m Breaststroke (41.12), Millie then followed this up with another win in the girls U/13 50m Backstroke (38.45), this was then followed with individual 1st places from Aaron Pickard U/12 50m Freestyle (34.85) and 9 year olds Emily Pickard 25m Backstroke (23.15), Sam Safavi-Zadeh 25m Breaststroke (24.69) and in her Peanuts League Debut, Natalia Broadowska, in the girls 25m Freestyle (19.20).

Individual 2nd places were achieved by Woody South U/11 25m Freestyle (16.64) & Breaststroke (22.94), Evie Brown U/12 50m Backstroke (41.80), Igor Mordeja 9 years 25m Backstroke (21.70) & 25m Freestyle (17.13), Max Coltman U/11 25m Backstroke (21.02), Dayna Shepperson U/12 50m Freestyle (34.63) & Taylor Coe in the U/13 50m Butterfly (38.25).

Individual 3rd places were also completed by Jake Evans U/11 25m Butterfly (18.18), Aimee Williams U/13 50m Freestyle (34.88) and again Taylor Coe also in the U/13 Freestyle (33.87).

The Relay team of Emily Pickard, Natalia Broadowska, Fresia Goldsmith and Phoebe Brookman stormed to a first place in the 9 years 4 x 25m Freestyle relay, the young team then completed the double when Fresia Goldsmith brought home the team of Emily Pickard, Emily Pym and Natalia Broadowska in the 4 x 25 Special relay.

2nd& 3rdplace finishes were carried off by Max Coltman, Woody South, Jake Evans and Finlay Jackson in the boys U/11, and Dayna Shepperson, Mille Clark, Rosie Batt and Aimee Williams in the Girls U/13 4 x 25 Medley & Freestyle relays retrospectively.

The night concluded with the boy’s Captain, Taylor Coe, leading the team of Emily Pickard, Igor Mordeja, Simran Misir, Woody South, Dayna Shepperson, Aaron Pickard and Mille Clark to 1st place in the 8 x 25m Squadron Relay.

Coach Richard Walker said that the “team was fantastic tonight. We looked faster and shaper than what we did in the first round and that is a testament to the way the swimmers are training. They have a good team spirt and I firmly believe that we can be stronger and faster still in the final round. We will look forward to it and I am sure we will compete with whoever we are swimming against”.