Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2015-05-10 01:19:00

Saturday 9th May saw Cheshunt Swimming Club youngsters make an excellent start competing in the 1st Round of the Peanuts League where they were up against swimming clubs; Hatfield B, Hoddesdon, Tring, Welwyn and Hertsmere Flyers. Following a good campaign last year, our swimmers made a promising start by coming home in a very credible 3rd place, in what was a very competitive gala.

The 1st round saw Peanuts League debuts for Hugo Connelly-Harding, Evie Grattan, Dayna Shepperson, Evie Brown, Emma Lenahan, Tara Safavi-Zadeh,  Sinran Misir, Ashlee Willett, Woody South, Ben Crossman, Jake Evans & Josh Horner.

The first win that we achieved came from Aaron Pickard (Boys U/11 Freestyle, 16.53), this was then followed by Mille Clarke (Girls U/12 Backstroke, 19.28), Jake Evans (Boys 9 Years Freestyle, 17.93), Sinran Misir (Girls 9 Years Breaststroke, 26.66), Woody South (Boys 9 Years Breaststroke, 23.96).

We also saw strong 2nd places from Anastasios Karameros in the (Boys U/13 Breaststroke, 44.22), Emily Lush (Girls U/13 Backstroke, 36.78) Zane Batt (Boys U/13 Backstroke, 36.78), Taylor Coe (Boys U/12 Backstroke, 19.90 & U/12 Butterfly, 19.47), Ben Brookman (Boys U/12 Freestyle, 16.97) & Chloe Berko-Boateng (Girl U/13 Butterfly, 33.53).

Other strong swims also came individually too for Aimee Williams (Girls U/12 Freestyle), Rosie Batt (Girls U/12 Butterfly), William Brookman (Boys U/11 Backstroke), Dayna Shepperson (Girls U/11 Butterfly), Emilia Gitev (Girls U/11 Breaststroke), Tara Safavi-Zadeh (Girls U/11 Backstroke), Ben Crossman (Boys 9 Years Backstroke) and Ashlee Willett (Girls 9 years Backstroke).

There was also success for Cheshunt, in the relays, for Jake Evans, Woody South, Ben Crossman & Josh Horner (Boys 9 Years Freestyle and Special Relay) and Aaron Pickard, Rohan Misir, William Brookman & Woody South (Boys U/11 Freestyle Relay) who finished 1st retrospectively. Second place finishes came in the relays for Taylor Coe, Aaron Pickard, Ben Brookman & Peter Lenahan (Boys U/12 Freestyle Medley Relay) , Emily Lush, Chloe Berko-Boateng, Evie Grattan & Mille Clarke (Girls U/13 Medley Relay), Zane Batt, Anastasios Karameros, Taylor Coe & Hugo Connelly-Harding (Boys U/13 Freestyle & Medley Relay).

The highlight of the night had to be our 8 x 1 Mixed Squadron Relay team consisting of Sinran Misir, Woody South, Evie Brown, Aaron Pickard, Millie Clarke, Taylor Coe, Chloe Berko-Boateng & Zane Batt who stormed to a fantastic first place finish.

It was an excellent night for all the swimmers involved and with another 2 rounds to go we can only get stronger from this result. It was especially pleasing to see some of the swimmers in their first club gala and we hope that this experience will be a huge encouragement for their future galas.

Round 1 Finishing Places: 1st Hatfield B 141pts, 2nd Tring 150pts, 3rd Cheshunt 160pts, 4th Hoddesdon 176pts, 5th Hertsmere Flyers 195pts, 6th Welwyn 205pts.