Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2016-03-04 11:34:24

The second weekend of the County Championships saw more Cheshunt swimmers in action over the 5 sessions.
Session 6 saw the 50m Breaststroke and the 200m Freestyle. 7 girls qualified for the 50m Breaststroke and achieved the following. Dayna Shepperson 13th in the 10/11yrs, Chloe Berko-Boateng 9th in the 13yrs, Megan Pope just missing out on the final in 9th place & Courtney Burke 12th& Holly Atkins 14th in the 15yr. Ela &Alara Norton both qualified for the final in their respective age groups with Ela finishing 5th&Alara continuing to show that she is a force to be reckoned with, in the County, taking the silver medal in an excellent time of 36.43.

The boys then performed with Anastasios Karameros setting a new PB of 41.99 & Daniel Lush lowering his PB as well 34.88.

The 200m Freestyle saw Dayna back in the pool finishing a creditable 10th and Ela lowering her 200m time to 2:42.97 in 13th place. Tegan Wollaston swam a good race finishing 6th in the 16+ age group. The boys then swam their heats with Taylor Coe 10th& Aaron Pickard 13th in the 12yr age group and Callum Wollaston taking over 3 seconds off of his PB coming 6th in the 15yr. Daniel Lush swam a steady race finishing 13th in the 16+ age group. Zane Batt was the pick of the boys storming to another medal taking 2nd place in the 13yr old age group.

Session 7 was the 50m Backstroke & 200m Breaststroke. Dayna involved, yet again, in both events coming 13th in the 50 & 7th in the 200. Sienna Treglohan made the final of the 12yrs and took nearly a second off her heat time in the final 35.48 to collect her 1st Herts County medal,a silver. Emily Lush made another final in the 14yr age group coming 6th with Eleanor Turpin, Megan Pope & Courtney Burke achieving 10th, 12th& 18th place respectively in the 15yr age group with them all lowering their PBs.

In the Boys 50m Backstroke Taylor was first setting yet another PB and finishing 13th in his age group. Zane Batt made yet another final finishing 6th and Callum 10th& Adam Bailey 17th also setting PBs in the 15yr age group. Daniel finished off the boys entry with a PB in 12th place in the 16+ age group.The longer 200m Breaststroke saw Ela swim a fantastic race knocking over 6 seconds off of her PB in 11th place. Chloe finished in 6th place in the 13yr &Alara 5th in the 15yr. Daniel Lush was the only boy in the event with him finishing 12th in the 16+ age group.

Session 8 saw the fast and furious 50m Freestyle. Dayna continued her races coming 12th with Ela in 14th taking over a second off her PB with a time of 33.66. Sienna qualified for another final in the 12yr age group taking 6th place. Emily Lush made her 14yr final and was seeded in 4th place. When it came to the final Emily managed to find another gear by getting off to an excellent start. She managed to hold off the rest of the competition and came home as County Champion with a brilliant time of 29.04. Megan Pope and Alara Norton were in the 15yrs with both posting good times. Emily South lowered her PB to 28.77 in the 16+ age group as well as Tegan with a time of 29.34.

Session 9 saw the 50m Butterfly & the 200m Backstroke. Chloe Berko-Boateng showed her sprinting prowess by making the 13yr final and coming away with a fantastic PB 31.88, just missing out on the medals in 4th place. Alara continued to show her strength across the events by making the final of the 15yr coming 6th. In the same age group Eleanor Turpin came 10th Holly Atkins 12th& Megan Pope 17th. In the 16+ Mille Donovan continued to lower her PB and Tegan had a strong swim. Callum Wollaston 30.65 & Adam Bailey 31.58 both swam PBs in their 50m Butterfly to round off the sprints.

The 200m Backstroke saw Sienna add another bronze medal to her hoard taking nearly 5 seconds off of her PB 2:46.69. Emily Lush also posted an excellent PB 2:37.12 in 7th place and Tegan concluded the girls event with a great PB in 5th place. The boys event saw Taylor Coe back in the pool getting under the 3 minute mark 2:59.95 in 7th place. After Zane’s success in the shorter 100m Backstroke the 200m event was a strong one for him. Going out in a strong time Zane pushed up the pace and headed the field at the halfway point and could not be caught achieving his 2nd County gold medal in a time of 2:35.02. Callum also swam a great PB in the 15yr age group coming 7th.

Session 10 concluded the weekends events with the 100m IM and the gruelling 200m Butterfly. Dayna, Sienna, Ela & Emily Lush all finished their day with PBs in the IM and Megan & Holly within tenths of their best. On the boys IM Taylor again lowered his PB and Zane made yet another final finishing in 5th place. Daniel Lush & Callum also swam strong races in their age group.

The 200m Butterfly saw Chloe knock a staggering 23 seconds off of her previous best, finishing in 2:52.33. Alara, only swimming the race for a second time, finished 4th in her age group with Tegan 5th and Millie Donovan lowering her PB in a great swim in the 16+ age group. Callum was the lone boy on the boys 200m Butterfly finishing in 7th place.