Posted By : Cheshunt SC On 2016-06-02 19:11:22

All volunteers are welcome from age 14 upwards.…

It won’t cost you anything.

Places are limited, so please apply early.

All you need is two spare hours before the club sprints, a stopwatch (we can provide one if necessary), clipboard and pen.

The practical session will be run during the club sprints.

Please fill in the form on the website HERE.

The Club needs Timekeepers to help with Galas, Sprints & Club Championships, as well as occasionally helping at Open Meets.
For each Gala we enter or host, we have to supply Whips to help organise the children and officials such as Timekeepers & Judges to enable us to compete in the events.

Our Club Sprints & Club Championships are licensed so we need a number of timekeepers to time the lanes, so we can use these official times to help the swimmers achieve their PBs, County, Regional and National times. This is also the case when Time Trials are undertaken in the training sessions.

The more people we get to volunteer, the fewer times they will be asked to help out, as the workload can be spread around, so you may only be asked once in a while.